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So what if I know the fate of mankind...yeah...I do. - Let your imagination take control.....

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January 4th, 2004

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01:54 am - So what if I know the fate of mankind...yeah...I do.
So what if I was actually sober and free from mind altering substances....and all the answers to the burning questions about the end of world are solved....we'll if I have to tell you...let's just say...you don't know the truth and can't handle it...because so in your face.....And for the rest of us open-minded, loving, and accepting people of truth...well
we are having a countdown and hosting a wild pajama party at my mom's house and laughing at the fact that all of you blind faith, judgemental sheep with no individual backbones are going down in the center of the Market Street Safeway.....So BYOB.

P.S. thank you bathroom hag for the lovely yet creepy experience and beyond 3 demensional planes...we got the joke...ha ha

Nice touch with the Heienken beer bottle...this gave away the parallel plane. weirdo.

Now my cousin wants a parallel pizza caus she is hungry....ya got that...

P.P.S. To the disgruntled fallen angel ....go on with your bad sel.f and pass me the red dust .... you are way cool.. The man wronged you.....but hey you kick ass in the end..so when you do ....get all of your frustrations out until you are at peace...then call me to watch cartoons...I have a big bowl of lucky charms...hey now.

love, the Power of 3 (i.e. in druid language the 3 pentacles). By the way Pentacle # 3 wants a pizza. ARGGGGH.
Current Mood: indescribable

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